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Bioinformatics laboratory: From measurement to decision support

The Bioinformatics book covers new topics in the rapidly expanding field of bioinformatics, from next-generation sequencing to drug discovery and metagenomics.

The Bioinformatics laboratory chapters follow and cover new challenges in bioinformatics, complementing the theoretical summaries in the companion Bioinformatics book and utilizing the tools from the KOBAK virtual laboratories. The first chapter overviews the biobanks and laboratory information systems. The next two chapters illustrate genetic measurement methods.

Study design, especially multi-stage, sequential study design is discussed in the next chapter. Subsequently, a bioinformatic workflow system is illustrated. Association studies and biomarker analysis methods are discussed in the next three chapters. Data and knowledge fusion methods and methods for the construction and learning of decision support systems are illustrated subsequently.

Finally, a chapter guides through the application of the similarity principle in drug discovery and another chapter shows the steps of a metagenomic workflow.

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