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User’s Guide


Pilot version!

Whether you’re looking for answers, would like to solve a problem please contact us: is a free online educational database which offers direct access to the 500+ electronic books, papers and studies in PDF format in the diverse fields of science, technology, and humanities (mathematics, physics, informatics, biology, chemistry, engineering, psychology, philosophy, communication, art theory, management etc).


The advanced search availables to browse the database by author, title, research area, series and content. The uploaded publications can be bookmarked online and the texts 15% are available to print.

Available additional functions are: search contect in full text, bookmark, printing option. (The note taking function is under construction.)


Our database is accessible for free of charge in PDF format by signing in with eduID or with a registrated IP number in case the user is the associate (co-workers, students and lecturers) of a subsrcibed license holder institution.

Searching e-books and publications are available without registration or login.

To access the full text you have to login with your eduID or authenticate the institution’s IP number

  • After logging in with eduID you have permission to use all the services anywhere and anytime with internet access.
  • After logging in with IP number the services are accessible inside the subscribed institution’s territory and with permitted device. To use the special services you have to registrate and log int o your personal account.

After login you can find the bookmarked and noted books after clicking on the Bookshelf button (under construction). The Printing button  only functions after the beforementioned authentication. You can find the printing function at the bottom of every bookpage.

Further additional functions:

-          table of contents

-          bookmark with the following icon:


Further enquiries about your institution’s subscription please contact the competent intitutional associate.

If you’re none of the following insitutes’ associate you can purchase and download our e-books at

The list of already subscribed institutions in 2018:

  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • ()
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • (IPv4)
  • Ady Endre Városi Könyvtár (IPv4)
  • Balassi Bálint County Library (IPv4)
  • Bródy Sándor County and City Library (IPv4)
  • Budapest Business School - University of Applied Science (IPv4)
  • Budapesti University of Technology and Economics (IPv4, EduID)
  • Corvinus University of Budapest (IPv4)
  • Csorba Győző Library (IPv4)
  • Dharma Gate Buddhist College (IPv4)
  • Dr. Kovács Pál County Library (IPv4)
  • ELI-HU Nonprofit Ltd. (IPv4)
  • Eötvös Loránd University (IPv4, EduID)
  • Eszterhazy Karoly University (IPv4, EduID)
  • Ferenc II. Rákóczi County and City Library (IPv4)
  • Ferenc Rákóczi II. Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute (IPv4)
  • Hungarian Academy of Arts (IPv4)
  • Hungarian Central Statistical Office Library (IPv4)
  • Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (IPv4)
  • John von Neumann University (IPv4, EduID)
  • József Attila County and City Library (IPv4)
  • Kaposvár University (IPv4, EduID)
  • Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary (IPv4)
  • Katona József Library of Bács-Kiskun County (IPv4)
  • Lutheran Theological University (IPv4)
  • Méliusz Juhász Péter Library (IPv4)
  • Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library (IPv4)
  • Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (IPv4)
  • MTA Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics (IPv4)
  • MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics (IPv4, EduID)
  • National Széchényi Library (IPv4, EduID)
  • Óbuda University (IPv4, EduID)
  • Public Library Széchenyi István Sopron (IPv4)
  • Sapientia College of Theology of Religious Orders (IPv4)
  • Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania (IPv4)
  • Sárospatak Reformed Theological Academy (IPv4)
  • Savaria Museum (IPv4)
  • Studentski dom Evropa (IPv4)
  • Szent István University (IPv4, EduID)
  • Transylvanian Museum Society (IPv4)
  • University of Debrecen (IPv4, EduID)
  • University of Miskolc (IPv4, EduID)
  • University of Pannonia (IPv4, EduID)
  • University of Pécs (IPv4, EduID)
  • University of Szeged (IPv4, EduID)
  • Vörösmarty Mihály Library (IPv4)

Customer Service

Our Customer Service will reply to your questions/comments please contact or +36 1 315 0256.